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These sites offer advisory services to help you choose a career, get a job, maximise your potential and change careers.

Career Analysts  Career counselling by psychologists for people of every age and background in central London [UK]

Dream Builders  Courses and coaching to help you discover your strengths, get motivated within your existing work, or change your career. Also provides training for organisations [UK]

Graduate Management Admission Council is a not-for-profit education association. Its Graduate Management Admission TestŪ is used in selecting candidates for graduate management courses around the world. The site gives guidance for students and sample tests [US]

Guardian Career guidance, plus sample psychometric and IQ tests [UK]

HelpMeGetAnInterview  can increase your chances of getting interviews with the best UK employers by telling you how to complete application forms. They grade your application before you send it to an employer so you can improve it [UK]

Morrisby  The Morrisby Organisation produces tests for individual development and provides vocational guidance services.  The site contains a test-taker's guide and sample tests [UK]

OutOfService offers free online personality and self-awareness tests [US]

SHL  is the world leader in assessment by psychometric tests. The site contains online practice tests and advice for candidates [UK]


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