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You can study at home for qualifications in an immense range of subjects. "Distance learning" includes traditional correspondence courses but goes much further. Options now available make full use of technology, including television and the Internet.

British Association for Open Learning UK charity promoting best practice in distance learning worldwide. Links to providers of courses [UK]

BBC Learning lists educational TV and radio programmes and websites [UK]

Distance Learning Details of international distance courses [UK]

Fathom Distance learning courses by Columbia University and other partners [US]

Hotcourses Online guide to distance learning courses and much else [UK]

iLearn  Interactive online courses in computing, business skills and personal development [UK]

International Centre for Distance Learning  Database of institutions worldwide offering distance learning courses, covering all subjects including personal development and study skills [UK]

International Distance Learning Course Finder   World's largest directory of e-learning courses from 130 countries, with links to 55,000 courses offered by universities, colleges and companies.

LearnDirect  UK Government service, giving details of courses in any subject, including online courses. Search for information on the website or telephone for free individual guidance [UK]

National Extension College  Non-profit trust offering a wide range of home study courses [UK]

National Open College Network Information about courses, with links to local Open College Networks [UK]

Open College of the Arts The College, affiliated to the Open University, offers courses for beginners and more advanced students, in creative subjects including drawing, music, textiles and sculpture [UK]

Open University  The UK Open University is among the world's leading distance learning specialists. There are no entry qualifications and all courses can be pursued part-time. [UK]

Scholar  Backed by Scottish universities, this site provides 24-hour online learning in mathematics, computing and sciences, at advanced school, college and university foundation level [UK]

Support4Learning - Distance Learning Advice on distance learning, explaining who the main providers are, how their courses are implemented - and what to look for when choosing a course [UK]

Vision2learn offers free online courses in computing, personal development and sports coaching [UK]

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