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Sellers of books, new and secondhand, on all subjects. Search their catalogues and order online for delivery worldwide. Some operate only online, while others also run real book shops where you can browse - and, often, drink coffee and attend literary talks, poetry readings and philosophy discussions (indicated below by the word "Events").

Abebooks.com Search the stock of 10,000 sellers of secondhand & rare books. UK users should visit Abebooks.co.uk

Amazon.com Largest online bookseller [US]. UK users should visit Amazon.co.uk.

Barnes & Noble Shops in US. New & secondhand books. Online courses. Events [US]

Blackwell's  Shops in UK. New & rare books. Out-of-print search service. Events [UK]

BookFinder.com Search the stock of 40,000 sellers of new, secondhand & rare books [US]

Borders Shops in US, UK, Australia, New Zealand. Events [US]

Cambridge University Press Major academic publisher [UK]

Chapitre New & secondhand French books [France]

Foyles The famous London book shop. Events [UK]

Oxford University Press Major academic publisher [UK]

TheBookGuide UK sources of secondhand & antiquarian books - shops, auctions, fairs and online - plus bookbinders & conservators [UK]

The Talking Book Shop Audio books on cassette and CD. London shop [UK]

Virtual Library Extensive listing of UK and US online booksellers [UK]

Waterstone's  Shops in UK. Events [UK]

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