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Talks, workshops, events, exhibitions and holidays. Also visit the MindUser guide to Learning holidays.

Alternatives A non-profit organisation arranging central London evening talks and weekend workshops on spiritual and personal development, presented by leading international teachers [UK]

Mind Body & Soul Exhibitions are held regularly in London and other UK venues. Lectures and workshops cover self-growth, spiritual development and holistic health. Exhibitors offer a wide range of therapies, products and techniques, including aromatherapy, meditation and yoga [UK]

Mind Body Spirit Festival These major shows promoting natural health, human potential and personal development are held regularly in the UK, with many exhibitors and international lecturers. Links to related organisations and practitioners [UK]

Neal's Yard Agency  Information on self-growth courses and holistic holidays in the UK and worldwide [UK]

Places to Be is a guide to retreats, workshops and alternative holidays in the UK and worldwide. Some centres have a Christian or Buddhist spiritual focus, while in others the emphasis is just on personal development [UK]

Skyros Holistic Holidays are based on two islands - Skyros in Greece and Koh Samed in Thailand - where you can choose from over 200 courses, including personal development, yoga, art, writing and dance [US]

The Times Crème Executive Secretary and PA Exhibition is a 3-day event for Executive Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Office Managers and Administrators held each Spring in London. It offers a broad selection of seminars covering career and personal development [UK]

The Retreat Company organises holistic retreats, workshops, mini-breaks and holidays in the UK and abroad for personal transformation and the maintenance of well-being.  Topics include personal development, yoga, meditation, relationships, healing [UK]

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