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Mind Maps are diagrammatic forms of note-taking devised by Tony Buzan for improving learning and creative thinking. Other effective ways of making notes are taught in MindUser's own course - Memory Skills Online.


Buzan Centres The official web site for Tony Buzan's Mind Map system. Basic instruction is given and books, tapes and CDs can be bought online. Details of seminars and worldwide contacts are listed [UK]

InterLearning International Online courses include study skills and Mind Mapping [US]

Illumine Training  presents UK seminars on speed reading and memory, learning and studying, Mind Mapping, accelerated learning, creativity, information overload, communication skills, stress management [UK]


The following software packages enable you to create on-screen Mind Maps and other kinds of diagrams for processing information.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is software for Macintosh and Windows systems [US]
Axon Idea Processor is a Windows program for concept mapping [US]
Inspiration Graphical ways of working with ideas and presenting information [US]
MindGenius enables individuals to develop their productivity using Mind Mapping [UK]
Mindjet  MindManager software enables Mind Maps to be created on computer [US]

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Whatever your age or educational background, MindUser's fascinating online course will quickly improve your learning powers. Build a superb memory for facts, figures, names and faces. Concentrate, study and pass exams. Remember the data you need at work. And boost every aspect of your personal development. In just 15 minutes from now you could be using your memory in new and exciting ways.

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