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These carefully selected sites deal with every aspect of learning, memory training, study and related skills. Included are links to training delivered face-to-face at seminars, courses on CDs and audio tapes, plus online training. Whatever your learning needs, we're confident that you'll find an effective solution here. Sites cover: study methods, efficient reading, examination skills, language learning and ways to improve general learning powers. There are also links to specialised memory techniques, including: memory training systems, mnemonics, memory aids and ways of handling the practical memory tasks of work and daily life.

Quick links How to find training in learning and memory skills
Learning methods Improving your capacity to learn and study
Reading Efficient and rapid reading
Mind maps Diagrammatic forms of note-taking
Review systems Software systems to assist self-testing
Language learning Methods for mastering foreign languages
Memory systems Systems of general memory training
Memory aids Simple memory aids for special subjects
Remembering names Methods for remembering people's names and faces
Remembering numbers Methods for memorising numbers
Memory feats Memory championships, demonstrations and performances


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