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Remembering people's names and faces is one of the most challenging of the everyday memory problems - and one of the most important to solve. Most general courses in our Memory systems listings thoroughly cover memory for names and faces. The sites listed below specialise in this area. MindUser's own course - Memory Skills Online - gives step-by-step training in this vital memory skill.

How to be Incredibly "Good With Names"  Jeff Korn's system for remembering names and faces differs from the standard methods in memory training courses. He also offers an unusual way of remembering dates. The techniques are taught in a book, an E-book and at seminars. Buy online [US]

Face Blind! This site describes a medical condition that makes it difficult for sufferers to recognize faces and suggests self-help strategies [US]


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Whatever your age or educational background, MindUser's fascinating online course will quickly improve your learning powers. Build a superb memory for facts, figures, names and faces. Concentrate, study and pass exams. Remember the data you need at work. And boost every aspect of your personal development. In just 15 minutes from now you could be using your memory in new and exciting ways.

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