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Many of the general courses in our Memory systems listing cover memory for numbers. Here are some specialised sites. Most such training is based upon a phonetic code, developed in Europe in the early nineteenth century. There have been numerous variations, but one version has become standard. This code enables series of figures of any length to be converted into meaningful and memorable words and phrases. MindUser's own course - Memory Skills Online - provides complete training in this standard method, with interactive exercises and special graphics which make the learning processs quick and easy.

Phonetic Numerals The website of Allan Krill, an American professor, is about the phonetic system for remembering numbers. He explains the method fully and gives examples of its practical application to difficult material, including geology - Professor Krill's own subject. The site also gives details of his number dictionary, listing all the verbal equivalents of the numbers up to 99,999.

2Know offers software, created by Elliott Mayo, to help you remember numbers. It is based on the standard phonetic system. The software does all the work - you enter the figures and all possible equivalents appear automatically. This excellent product can be downloaded from the site and is completely free [US]

010 Memorizer is another program similar to the above which converts numbers into words and phrases, using the standard phonetic system. This software, created by SweetScape (Lowell and Graeme Sweet), can be downloaded from the site and used free for 30 days, after which a fee is payable. [Canada]

The Number Thesaurus is an easy-to-use online tool which instantly converts numbers into words and phrases, again using the phonetic system mentioned above. There is nothing to download and the service is free.

MajorTeach by Reto Stamm teaches the phonetic number system and helps you practice. You should be able to remember lists of 100 items, as well as long numbers (eg all your friends' phone numbers). The Perlscript can be downloaded from the site, free of charge [US]

DialABC is a free online tool that automatically converts numbers into words in a variety of languages using the letters associated with the digits on standard telephone key pads.



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