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These sites offer training in ways of improving reading speed and efficiency, at the same time boosting concentration, comprehension and memory. MindUser's own course - Memory Skills Online - gives effective ways of tackling books, journals and online texts. It enables you to read efficiently but the focus is on ensuring you memorise the key points as quickly as possible.

PhotoReading   The PhotoReading program provides training in ways of reading more easily and quickly, processing and understanding large volumes of information efficiently, and improving memory and concentration  It is taught through books and audio tapes, which can be bought online, and at seminars held in many countries (links to centres worldwide are given) [US]

PhotoReading  Training in ways of reading faster with better comprehension, together with mindmapping and techniques for improving memory, concentration and creativity and learning languages more quickly. Courses in south-east England [UK]

Power Reading is a course by Rick Ostrov in increasing reading speed and comprehension. It teaches you using your own materials and emphasizes comprehension improvement as well as speed reading skills. It includes time-saving methods for reading business and technical materials, both printed and online. It also teaches study, note-taking, test-taking and memory retention methods for school, college and graduate students. The course is available as a printed book with a CD or as an eBook and can be bought online. Customized seminars are also offered [US]

RocketReader is reading improvement software that runs on Windows. It aims to train you to read a single sentence or line of information with a single eye movement and so achieve faster reading speeds, together with improved comprehension and memory. You can practise online with web pages of your own choice. You can also create multiple-choice question tests with your own material. Its chief architect is Dr Simon Ronald, who has a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of South Australia. A free trial can be downloaded and you can buy online. [Australia]

Speed Reading Power  is a course by Raiford Dudley taught in various ways including e-mail, telephone and with a software program. You can try the method free and order online [US]

TurboRead  is speed reading course on CD. Through a series of exercises, your eyes will be taught to move faster, more efficiently across the words. At the same time, you will recognize words without waiting to "listen" to them. This enables the brain to process printed information closer to thinking speeds, which enhances concentration and reading stamina. The course also covers examination and study techniques,  memory improvement and gives methods for reading computer screens and for office reading. You can buy online [US]

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Whatever your age or educational background, MindUser's fascinating online course will quickly improve your learning powers. Build a superb memory for facts, figures, names and faces. Concentrate, study and pass exams. Remember the data you need at work. And boost every aspect of your personal development. In just 15 minutes from now you could be using your memory in new and exciting ways.

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