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You can't memorise any information permanently in a single study session. Total learning time can be short but the process must be spread over several sessions, usually separated by days or weeks. The following sites offer computer software to help you achieve long-term retention by systematic review, repetition and self-testing. MindUser's  own course - Memory Skills Online - also teaches simple methods for organising these tasks, without relying on special software.

Brain.com  Software including programs that organise material in question-and-answer format for self-testing [US]

Magic Learning Systems Software that creates a personalized review schedule  reminds you when it's time to review and intelligently adjusts your review schedule to fit your learning style and  subject difficulty. You can download the software and pay online [US]

MemoryLifter  MemoryLifter automated flashcard educational software is designed to help you remember information and vocabulary [US]

Super Memo  helps you create collections of facts that you would like to remember. The program tests your knowledge of individual facts and collects information about your memory. By understanding your memory, it finds the optimum timing for review of the learned material  [Poland - English language]

Total Recall is designed to help you learn almost any subject or language. You just enter what you want to memorize and the program then helps you study the material with several activities including Flashcards, Multiple Choice tests and learning Games. The program tracks and emphasizes your weak areas. As you answer the questions correctly, you are rewarded with pictures and music. You can buy the CD online [US]

Universal Study Helper  is an educational flash card program that offers help in exam preparations, language study and various other training activities. It can be used for studying foreign words and grammar, historical events, sets of scientific terms and definitions, and much more. You can download a free trial version of the Windows-based software and can buy online [US]

VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) is vocabulary learning software that asks you questions (e.g. "How do you say this word in Spanish?") and schedules repetitions for each question throughout a school term. Every day, VTrain will let you know which questions (flashcards) are due for repetition. The better your score on a question, the less often you are tested on it [Germany - English language]

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